Beatnuts at Copa Cabana, St. Catharines

Beatnuts at Copa Cabana, St. Catharines

On October 27th, The Beatnuts gave a high energy show at Copa Cabana in St. Catharines. The crowd was small but enthusiastic, quite unlike the subdued audiences in Toronto. Despite a shitty sound system, and a less than attentive sound tech to boot; the hip hop duo kept the people entertained, making fun of the tinny sounds coming from the speakers. (Psycho Les led the crowd in a chant of “this system sucks!”).  

While Psycho Les held down the stage and interacted with the eager crowd, Juju commandeered the 1s and 2s from the back of the room. Despite their distance from each other, they managed to remain in sync and maintain great performance chemistry.

Showing off his musical prowess, Juju dug in the crates, interspersing old skool hits and treasured samples into their set. At one point, he played a verse from the Rick James classic “Mary Jane”. Before running the Beatnuts classic “Off the Books”, Juju played a little of Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved”. And before playing “No Escapin This”; he played the original track, “A Little Fugue for Me and You” by Enoch Light. Nice touch!

Not to be outdone, Psycho Les surprised us with a beatbox version of “Watch Out Now”, and had the crowd provide the flute sounds! It was funny listening to a whole crowd of grown folks sing all high pitched. An added bonus to the night: Juju kept spinning long after their set was over; horrible sound system and all! He was nodding his head hard to “Exhibit C” by Jay Electronica. It’s nice to see how much he truly loves hip hop.         

Even through the technical glitches that were beyond their control; The Beatnuts still put on a quality show and left the crowd satisfied. No need to wonder whether this hip hop group, who started rocking in the 80’s still have what it takes to move a crowd. They definitely do!


-A. Harmony


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