“Ni**as call my album detox cause they know I’m finna bring the next chronic”

Jay Electronica finally released a new track on Oct 9 entitled “Call of Duty” feat. the “Infamous” Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Ok do y’all understand the hype behind a new Jay Elect track? Hip-hop heads are hungry, eager and anxious to hear from this lyricist…after all he went M.I.A. on us for months! Which makes it difficult to comprehend that a day after the release of his new track, things are…calm. Huh? Was it the corny ass “diamonds in the sky” chorus? Was it the way in which he delivered it…too melodic for the heads? Or was it the fact that he had Prodigy of Mobb Deep singing along?

I’m sorry, but when Jay Electronica releases a new track we should be talking about it for weeks… or at least a week and 3 days…but not even one day? The production is lacklustre. And Jay’s lyrics, well:

I went from MySpace to the top of the food chain
The sperm hit the egg like a missile
Then 9 months later the celebratory news came
Exhibit C gave the whole world a mood change

You know what I just can’t argue with those bars. It’s reality. But as for Prodigy’s bars on the track go…let’s just say “undesirable”.

Let’s talk about Jay and Jay. Yes I have to include the big boss Jay-Z because he’s controlling this ish, or at least I think so. Is Jay-Z trying to push Elect to retire before he does? With tracks like “Call of Duty” you can’t help but get nervous for the brother. I’ve been talking about Jay Elect for months wondering where he is. I figured he was taking time to work on a masterpiece. And I really hope this is the case. After all, seriously people, what’s the rush? He’s not on stop-watch, hour glass or “deadline for da people”, so he has the right to take his time! He’s working on his very first studio album for f*ck’s sake! I know he already recognizes the high expectations that hip-hop fans have for him. [Side note: Somehow I think he’s having one of those “whoever cares” or “man f*ck y’all” moments].

Honestly when you listen to the tracks that made him famous like “Exhibit A” or “Exhibit C” don’t you agree that he deserves a “No Rush Elect” pass? We, well I for one, would like a solid album. As a matter of fact, an epic album! So, we must learn to have some f*cking patience! I want to talk about how dope his studio album is for months, nah son, for years! He could actually throw this “diamonds in the sky” shit away and say it was a leak or Badu pressured him to release it.

Anyway, about this “Call of Duty” track… Sorry Mr. Jay ElecRamadan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah, this track just didn’t do it for me and frankly I’m not sure it did anything for anyone. Sometimes I wish you didn’t sign a record deal, but I respect your hustle. I’m confident that you know exactly what you’re doing with Roc Nation, or at least I hope so. It was definitely a better decision than signing with P. Diddy! (I just can’t picture you rocking curls and a bekishe).

I’m still anxious for the release of Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) and I will wait patiently.


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