Throwback Thursday- SHA ROCK the 1st Female MC

Throwback Thursday- SHA ROCK the 1st Female MC

Funky Four Plus One formed in 1976 and was the first Hip Hop group from Bronx, NY, to receive a recording deal. What made this group stand out was that one of the members was female. Sha Rock was the first female MC ever!!! She says that she would sneak out to Kool Herc parties and noticed that there were no female MC’s at that time. She started as a b-girl and would rock out at the parties. Sha Rock is the first Pioneer Female Luminary MC and the first female to use the echo chamber behind her voice. Funky Four Plus One is noted as the first hip hop group to appear on a national TV show in an episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Blondie’s Deborah Harry.

In the video below, DMC (Run DMC) says that Sha Rock changed his life! He credits her for being the first rapper to use the echo chamber which later influenced him to use it in “Run’s House”. Listen to him pay homage to the first female MC.

“That’s the Joint” – Funky Four Plus One

“Rappin’ and Rockin’ the House” – Funky Four Plus One

“Feel It (The Mexican)”

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