Kanye (& Jay-Z) – New Day

Kanye (& Jay-Z) – New Day

Ye! Just love when Kanye spits from the heart. You can’t wrong the man for having passion, though sometimes the message gets lost in all that is Mr. West. On his “New Day” verse off the Watch The Throne album, he spits a verse about his future son (and no he hasn’t impregnated anyone just yet). Kanye owns up to his faults, mistakes and maybe not-so-great choices made to date, depending on whom you ask of course.

And I’ll never let my son have an ego
He’ll be nice to everyone, wherever we go
I mean I might even make him be Republican
So everybody know he love white people

Everyone knows about Kanye’s “ego”. He told us himself about it from day one. Ye understands the trouble that his ego has created and doesn’t want the same for his son. He mentions one of his most talked about incidents – The statement he made during the Katrina telethon about George Bush. Some have made assumptions about him since then, that he does not like white people so he says he would even go as far as making his son a Republican (which is known to have a high number of white followers) to make sure the same is not assumed of him.

And I’ll never let him leave his college girlfriend
And get caught up with the groupies in the whirlwind
And I’ll never let him ever hit the telethon
I mean even if people dyin’ and the world ends

Kanye touches on the regret he has for leaving his girlfriend he entered the game with and getting caught up with all the groupie love. He refers again to the telethon incident, basically saying that maybe that wasn’t the right venue for his message and he would make sure to keep his son from doing anything similar.

See, I just want him to have an easy life
Not like Yeezy life, just want him to be someone people like
Don’t want him to be hated all the time judged
Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge

Ye displays his vulnerable side, because despite the fact that he may seem cocky and untouchable most of the time – This is not the case. He is aware of the hate and judgment that he receives and clearly it does affect him. Ye is discouraging his future son from being like him. He never wants his baby boy to have to live through the backlash that he has for things said or done.

And I’ll never let him ever hit a strip club
I learned the hard way, that ain’t the place to get love
And I’ll never let his mom move to LA
Knowin’ she couldn’t take the pressure now we all pray

My guess is the reference to the strip club may be referring to Amber Rose and their failed relationship, as she once was a dancer (even though this may have been before his time). Kanye ends his verse reflecting on the guilt he feels for the passing of the most important female in his life, his Mother. Kudos to Kanye for reminding “them” he still is human and through all his eccentricities, he gets it and actually does not want to don the title of International Asshole.




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